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Digital Storytelling - EDCP512A

For EDCP512A, we are conducting an in-class action research project in small teams. Our group is taking an arts-based approach using digital storytelling as our method.

Group Members
  • Andrea
  • Colin
  • Waylon
  • Chi
  • Visiting Scholars


Complete a photo safari!

The point of a photo safari is to put some constraints around the type of pictures you take and also to limit the time you have to take those photos.

For this safari, please limit yourself to 10 minutes from the time you take your first picture to the time you take your final picture.

You will be looking for three pictures in total, according to the following constraints.

  • an image which is primarily one colour and which represents community.
  • an image which does not contain humans and which represents community.
  • an image which represents a barrier to community.

You are certainly welcome to take more than three images, and then choose the best from what you take.

You do not need a fancy camera for this (the camera on your phone will be fine), but it should be a digital camera as you will upload your images to a website in the next step.

If you don't have access to a digital camera, please contact one of us through Canvas for an alternate plan.

Upload your snaps!

This site, to which you will upload your images, is hosted in Canada and you have the option to remain anonymous if you choose. Please only upload photos that you have taken.

The following steps are really important!

  • You may choose to remain anonymous by leaving the 'Who's uploading this item' field as it is, but you may also enter your name or Twitter handle. Information entered into this field will be published and accessible publicly. You are NOT required to leave your name.
  • Please make sure you choose a category according to the constraint on each image.
  • add three or more keywords as 'Tags' to your image.
  • include a brief, but rich rationale for your image in the 'Notes to the Editor' field. This will not be published, so if you want to remain anonymous on the site, but still ensure credit for your upload, you can include your name here.

You images will be visible to the public on the web.

Have fun and we'll do some interesting things in class to analyze our collective responses.

If you don't see the collector below, make sure to visit https://digitalstorytelling.opened.ca.