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e-TUG 2018

e-TUG 2018 at Emily Carr University of Art and Design

gifting (no expectation of return), lending (expectation of return of the item), sharing (concurrent use), commoning (presumes a common interest and effort in socially maintaining and managing a resource; collective stewardship to ensure sustainability)

  • example of commoning - textbook sprint
  • librarians are overlooked in curating and commoning
  • global open anatomical atlas
  • open access, science, data, pedagogy, policy, technology - not just resources
  • technology is the piece that enables blending above components
  • barriers
    • fear
    • rewards come from competitive processes, not openness and collaboration
  • value != money; value is reciprocal in commoning
  • open eduction needs a social system to define how open ed will be done