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Colin M. Madland

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Student, University of Victoria, Current

Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology Area
Supervisor: Dr. Valerie Irvine
Planned dissertation title: “Understanding the Impact of Online Assessment Practices in Higher Education

Master of Education (Dista
6th Mar 2021



The learner is most central to the process of learning. It is their motivations, backgrounds, contexts, and experiences that must first inform the structure of the learning environment and the approach taken in the learning process. In addition, it is their work which brings about learnin...

6th Mar 2021

Teaching Effectiveness

The majority of my teaching in higher education has taken place during COVID-19 restrictions and the suspension of surveys of learners. Excerpts are below and should be interpreted with caution due to low response rates.

  • The instructor demonstrated respect for individual differences (e.g., d...
6th Mar 2021